Jack and I traveled to Charlottesville, VA a couple months ago to do a radio program on my forthcoming book and the Booking Down the Road Trip, when we visited 38 or so used bookstores across 10 states. Here is the link to listen to the program (With Good Reason, with host Sarah McConnell). You can only hear it through March 24th, so enjoy it while you can! (BTW the fabulous photo of our cat Val-kyttie in the bookstore was taken by Wise County’s famous photographer Elissa Powers. She has lots of photos on facebook at a page called elp6n. She does lovely animal portraits.)



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4 responses to “MY NPR INTERVIEW

  1. So cool…you were on NPR!!! Congratulations! : )

  2. Jennifer Mullins

    Enjoyed the interview!

  3. Witold

    Great interview, thanks!

  4. Margaret Woodcock

    Managed to hear the interview and loved every minute.

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