The Fruit Roll-up Birds of Happiness

Some friends and I got together because the month of May hosted all our birthdays. So we threw onto the bookstore’s table a bag of marshmallows, a box of fruit roll-ups, some cereal, assorted candies, and bits of yarn and string and household detritus. We consumed vast quantities of good red wine, and came to the somewhat alcohol-assisted conclusion that making finger people would be fun–as viewed on Facebook and other staples of Internet time-wasting during working hours.

It went rather badly wrong, as you can see, but we did have ever such a good time. That’s the cover of my forthcoming book in the nest.

Did I mention that we’d had quite a lot of wine?


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One response to “The Fruit Roll-up Birds of Happiness

  1. I had no wine. I did have two pieces of chocolate cake. Chocolate and I should never meet unless I am sedated. My parents used to give me chocolate and set me on people they did not like like I was a mad dog.

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