This is the entryway into the bookshop “Le Bal des Ardents” in Lyon, France. Jack is thinking he can make one of these for our shop when he returns from Scotland in July. I’m thinking that would be so very way excellent cool.

Well it’s very odd but I had to remove the picture because it made the other links in my blog disappear! But you can google the bookshop and see the arch. Meanwhile, my blog is back to normal.



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5 responses to “Ooooooooooh!!!!!

  1. If you remove one book, does it all fall down? (I’m concerned for the little girl in one of the photos. It looks like potential death by paper cuts to me!)

  2. James Ryan

    Tell Jack to use the Romance books when he makes his. Then he can call it The Arch of Love
    (Those things have to be good for something)

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