The best caption for this photo of Val-kyttie, the shop manager at our bookstore,  wins a free book! We’ll accommodate your reading preference from bookstore stock, or give you a copy of mine coming out in October, as you prefer.

Please put your caption in the comments. Deadline Monday, June 18th at noon.

Photo taken by our brilliant local photographer, Elissa Powers.

Her work is viewable on Facebook as elp6n.



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26 responses to “CAPTION CONTEST!

  1. Lap needed for best reading experience.

  2. Please buy a book but leave my sock alone.

  3. Pam

    So many books and not enough lives to read em all.

  4. Eat your heart out, Baker and Taylor cats!

  5. Maria Richardson

    Old Jedi Mind Trick: This is not the sock you are looking for!

  6. Maria Richardson

    Pay no attention to the blue sock. It’s only a red herring.

  7. Get Out! I can tell by your tone of voice you are saying ”their” when you mean ”they’re” and there is no hope for you. Get Out Of My Shoppe!

  8. Eva

    A book? Yawn…I wonder who will play me the movie?

  9. Eva

    Hmmm…that was saying ” play me in the movie?”

  10. James Ryan

    And the bookstore cat began to fade. All, that is, except her nose.

  11. Jennifer Mullins

    No, you craft-crazy bitch, you are not going to cut the toe out of that sock and make a “cute little turtleneck sweater” for me!

    • I’ll admit that this is one of my personal favorites, but the decision of the judges is final! (I have, however, begun to think about where the cut the hole….)

  12. Dianne Hackworth

    Books to the right of me,
    Books to the left of me,
    Books in front of me
    I dallied and blunder’d;
    Storm’d at with paw and tail,
    Boldly they grow and swell,
    Into the claws of wrath,
    Under the writer’s spell
    I read the six hundred.

  13. Stacy Baker

    Sock puppets are beneath me . . . but if you would like to load up an intruder kitten or two in there, be my guest.

  14. Laura Taylor

    Can’t you see I’m up to my kitty armpits in books, here? I don’t have time for your shenanigans! I have work to do, lady!

  15. Dan B.

    This… is my library. I invite you to… DON’T MESS UP MY DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM! Just… just any books you read, leave on the counter. I’ll have Jeeves replace them.

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