Fuzzy Books of Love

We usually have at least one animal being fostered at the bookstore. It’s a good place to display cats ready for forever homes, as customers can have a hands-on experience while they shop. Plus we have the world’s greatest cleaning lady and a funny tiled closet under our staircase. The space is unusable for book display–even a small child couldn’t stand upright at the back of its sloping (and tiled) roof–but it’s a perfect kitty cave.

Summer is always high-volume for kittens; right now, we’re fostering nine plus Ma. All but one came from the shelter on their last day. We named this blended family–Ma birthed five, then three were found in a box on the side of a road, too young to eat solids, so got hooked up with Ma at the shelter–from the Little House on the Prairie books: Carrie and Grace, Half-Pint the feisty one, Caroline, Mr. Edwards, Mankato, Almanzo and The Reverend Alden (who wears a black frock coat with a white collar).

The ninth, older kitten came from my friend Anne, who smiled her way up the bookstore’s sidewalk with “Pollyanna” riding on her shoulder. She’d heard mewling from a dumpster and didn’t hesitate; sixty years old, Anne jumped in, sandals, shorts, high blood pressure and heart condition and all, mewing back until she spotted the frightened kitty scrambling up from between plastic sacks.

So I couldn’t say anything when she brought Pollyanna to me, could I? That kitten is only alive because Anne is one of those people the world needs, who believes everything with a heartbeat deserves love and care. And Pollyanna is the most cheerful big sister to the Little House brood one ever saw. She babysits when Ma needs a break.

Really, I just want to say two things. First: spay and neuter. PLEASE spay and neuter. Eight thousand companion animals per DAY are put down in the United States. All preventable. All wasted love. All wasted taxpayers’ money to get that done.

Second: foster and adopt. You have no idea how much fun is waiting for you. We used to have a rare book in our shop, a British 19th century tome of some 500 pages, entitled The Book of Love.  Now we have ten fuzzy books of love in our shop, waiting to be written.

There are actually six kittens in this cuddle puddle. Look closely!



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8 responses to “Fuzzy Books of Love

  1. Pam

    Love it but the last line was my fav! As a rescue I am surrounded by stories waiting to be written. Thanks, Wendy.

  2. Courtney

    I posted this comment after saving a shelter pup Friday morning. She was literally in her last minutes before her “time” was up at the shelter.

    If you have never “sprung” a shelter dog … You don’t know the love you are missing. Sweet Sophia nearly jumped into my arms and immediately started licking my face. She sat on my lap the entire ride, but was so excited she couldn’t hardly sit still. When I put her down at my mom’s she didn’t want me to leave her. I stayed with her for a little while, but every time I made a move, she was right at my heels in a split second. THAT is the most true love and appreciation on Earth. There is nothing like the thankfulness of a dog that has just been saved from death. Had no one picked her up this morning, today would have been her last day. I swear, when you pull them from that kennel, they are yours for life. There is nothing like it. To look at her paper on file and see “Has a foster, DO NOT EUTH” and know that so many are not given that second chance is heartbreaking. I might not have been able to make a difference for the others, but to Sophia, I changed her life forever. If you can’t adopt, consider fostering..Fostering saves lives, too! So does sharing their pictures and info .. You would be amazed! Take a chance on a shelter pup before it gets to their “last day”!

    And I’d like to add, she is THE sweetest most loving dog. She has YET to even bark. She is just so mellow and laid back. She is getting along great with my mom’s shih tzu, cat, and even her parrot! She loves to sit at mom’s feet and sleep in the bed with her. She is SO appreciative and has been the best little dog ever since we picked her up. I’m so thankful to know that I was able to get her out in time and save her. She is truly a little gem, and where ever she ends up in the future, she will always have a little piece of my heart!

  3. This is great! I take on foster kittens every summer too- but have never managed for than 4 at a time (on top of our own 2 cats). Great work!

    • I don’t know that I recommend ten at once; it just kinda happened. The good news is that Ma is adopted once the kitties have been homed. It’s easier (as you know) to home a baby than their mom or dad. So we’re feeling pretty good about that. And the kitties are the funniest thing going – never seen such shenanigans. Now I know how the ideas in the musical “Cats” were born.

      But this is the first group of cats I’ve ever had that displays anything resembling gratitude. It’s almost as if they’re working hard to keep their area clean and the books tidy, and to show appreciation to all the humans who come in.

  4. Pound puppies and pound kitties have greatly enriched my life. And none will ever reproduce. Spay and neuter.

  5. I wanna buy the book of love online how can i place order for this and next addition of this book

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