St. Martin’s Press is giving away seven copies of my book in caption contests between now and October. Pam Lucas won the first copy for her caption “So many books, and not enough lives to read them all.” (You can scroll back to the first contest to see it.)

For Contest II, let’s set the closing date as July 3. That finishes us off before the holiday. Here’s your photo to caption:

Please put all captions in a comment under Caption Contest II. Have fun! (I can get ma to pawtograph the book as well.)



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26 responses to “CAPTION CONTEST II

  1. After dropping a bag full of kittens on the floor, Princess realized that indeed, she did hate Mondays, even if they are cute.

  2. Reply to Caption Contest II
    “Are you sure you lost your mittens here?”

  3. Far League Ranger

    But their father promised me he’d be back!

  4. Melinda

    Calgon is not an option; after all, I am a cat. However, I could use a good book to take me away!

  5. Storytime! Peter Rabbit? no. Squirrel Nutkin? No. Jeremy Fisher? NO. The Tale of Tom Kitten – YES!

  6. Quoting Alf, the alien who thought cats were quite a delicacy: “We only have ten major organs, eight of which are stomachs.”

  7. For the love of a mother. (Meowther)

  8. Lara Maynard

    Sigh. You may be a crazy cat lady, but I am a crazy lady cat, lady.

  9. Laura Taylor

    “Oh, great! You’re here! Emergency numbers are beside the food bowl. No catnip after 6:00pm. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Oh, and try to keep them away from the James Patterson shelf this time….”

  10. So how long until my vacation err I mean the sweet little angels are weaned?

  11. Jean Good

    “Wendy, do you have any good books on parenting?”

  12. James Ryan

    Damn those Romance novels.

  13. Patrick James Ward

    Caption Contest II “I thought someone said Pregnant Paws!”

  14. I like both James’ captions!

  15. Eva

    What to expect…when you are through expecting.

  16. i liked the stuff posted here. wishing you best of luck for your future.

  17. Seven in the bed, and little Owen said “Roll over! Roll over!”

  18. Olivia Samerdyke

    Just kitten around…

  19. Donnamarie

    I should have danced all night….

  20. Maria Richardson

    Didn’t get fixed….now I have six!

  21. Looks like the gat had gittens . . .

  22. Dora Marie

    In the midst of kitten mews and nursning grunts her wiskers twitched at the rememberance of that Puss in boots and her long, seductive tail swished madly with longing inspite of the consequences.

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