My Favorite Bookish Things

On a Friday afternoon, as the weekend hoves into view over the horizon and one’s mind turns to good books, good food, and good company, it’s hard to keep those last couple of hours at the computer productive.

Or at least, focused.

Friday afternoons is when my fingers tend to wander–like my mind–down idle paths of Bibliophilia. Heck, sometimes I even play Solitaire, but usually I wander Internet sites dedicated to all things bookish.

So here, for your amusement and distraction, are a few of my favorites. There are thousands out there, and I’m always up for hearing about them, so please feel free to leave some sites in comments. Friday rolls around every week, after all (and Thank God!) This is a site about little libraries built until phone booths, birdhouses, and other easy locations. It’s not unlike releasing books ( but it’s a whole tiny library. Their goal is to build more than 2,500 worldwide. More power to them!

I Love Buying Books, a page on Facebook. There are several I love books sites, but this one has unusual shelf pix, cool comments on all things bookish, and sweet pithy cartoons and drawings. Think “I can Has Cheezeburger” for the literary set. It’s a fun place to browse.

St. Martin’s Press, on Facebook. Hey, they’re my publisher, plus they’re not caving in to Amazon in that lawsuit, so of course I love them! Lots of publishing gossip on the side from comments people make, and a nice mainstream of pix, patter and potential. troll through book reviews, catch up on the latest gossip, and if you’re really looking to kill some time but not brain cells, take the Neverending Book Quiz. The funny, snarky quiz questions are submitted daily by various Goodreads users who may or may not have axes to grind. E.g., Twilight’s Bella waits for men to rescue her and enjoys being abused by her boyfriend; therefore, she is a 21st century heroine: true or false. That kind of thing. Many of these photos get pinned in Pinterest by friends, but I love to go to the site itself. Such calm deep quiet places….

So these are a few of my favorite things–from the book world, anyway. I haven’t even touched the many book blogs that are out there. And if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them!



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2 responses to “My Favorite Bookish Things

  1. how exciting! i have really enjoyed reading this post. you guys have built a great community!

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