Accordion Roll, Please: Caption IV Winners, Caption V Starts

….and the winner of Caption Contest IV is: Erin Dalton, for her hilarious entry: Pay me and I will put the instrument down slowly. Otherwise, I will try and play. Judges reported smiling, laughing and guffawing.

St. Martin’s Press will send Erin a free copy of The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap.

In second place were Kathye Fetsko Petrie with “Accordion Crimes” and David Volk (father of the accordion-wielding child) with “Best pop-up book ever!” I tried to organize free accordion lessons for them both, but as they live several hundred miles apart, well, David and Kathye, you’ll have to make do with the warm glow of accomplishment, I’m afraid.

Now, on to Caption Contest V: this one closes in just one week, so get your entries in early!


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19 responses to “Accordion Roll, Please: Caption IV Winners, Caption V Starts

  1. Stacy B.

    “Ma chérie, I find myself drawn to you – you smell like delicate flowers on a warm spring day,” – – noise in background – – pause – – “Aww, ma!! I don’t want a bath – – I’m talking to my girlfriend!!!”

  2. Beth C.

    {sniff, sniff} Mmmm . . this smells a little funny, but it must be good; Mom laughs a lot after she drinks a glass or two. I wonder if she will share.

  3. Mike Readey

    Al-cat-holism runs in my litter!

  4. Christina Meade

    Well, a preacher will preach and a teacher will teach and a miner will dig in the mine. I read the books, trusting in my looks and a sniffin’ my goblet of wine… (paraphrased from Tom Paxton’s Bottle Of Wine.)

  5. Tamra Igo

    It has a fruity bouquet with just a hint of catnip…
    (I won a big already, but I couldn’t resist, so just void me!)

  6. What’s the point of this? Where are the fish?

  7. Laura Taylor

    Hey…. How’d they trap that little tiny me in there?……… hiccup….

  8. James Ryan

    The judges may ignore this one also.

    Ah-ha! Love potion #5. But I think I’m still a little too young. (Sigh)

  9. Jennifer Mullins

    I don’t know how you make my human so happy. You’re not even purring!

  10. Teresa Ward

    Hmmm…nice bouquet, but should I lap and spit or lap and swallow?

  11. Hmmm, maybe this is that Rescue Remedy my human said she was going to get to calm me down.

  12. Hey this looks like a fish bowl…who ate the fish? I’ll “Paws” to investigate 🙂

  13. Carol Rehme

    Good thing my work contract has a drinking claws.

  14. Sal

    Ah. Château La Paws Zinfandel. Good nose. Fine color. A hint of sage. Bright red cherry fruit. But does she ever share with me?

  15. Cathie Collins

    Wut iz dis magical juice! Iz like katnip for humans!

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