Caption Contest V winners: Warm Fuzzies all ‘Round!

Congratulations to Sal, who won Caption Contest V with this entry:

“Ah. Château La Paws Zinfandel. Good nose. Fine color. A hint of sage. Bright red cherry fruit. But does she ever share with me?”

Second place was a tie between Christina Meade for her Tom Paxton parody: Well, a preacher will preach and a teacher will teach and a miner will dig in the mine. I read the books, trusting in my looks and a sniffin’ my goblet of wine…

and Stacy Baker for: “Ma chérie, I find myself drawn to you – you smell like delicate flowers on a warm spring day,” – – noise in background – – pause – – “Aww, ma!! I don’t want a bath – – I’m talking to my girlfriend!!!”

And the Jack Beck discretionary prize goes to Teresa Ward for: “Hmmm…nice bouquet, but should I lap and spit or lap and swallow?”

Warm fuzzies are the only reward for the second place winners, but we are pleased to inform Teresa (a resident of the Big Stone Gap area) that she has won a kitten!!!!



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3 responses to “Caption Contest V winners: Warm Fuzzies all ‘Round!

  1. Teresa Ward

    Yeh! A kitten! A kitten! Does it drink?? I only have milk, grape soda, 1 Bud Lite and a bottle of Peach Wine.

  2. I just got your message for some reason this morning. Sadness =0(

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