Holding Pattern…

I’m getting ready to head to SIBA 2012 (Southern Independent Booksellers Association). It’s all very exciting because this is my first time attending SIBA. Friday around 11 I’m on a panel of “Booksellers who Write Books” and Saturday I get to run around the Expo looking at stuff and talking to other bookslingers.

As an added bonus, I get to see three old and dear friends: Cami, who is flying in from Seattle tonight to make the road trip with me; Debbie, who lives in South Carolina and is also going to SIBA with her friend Rockelle, so we’re all meeting up at Debbie’s Hilton Head home; and Sherry, a high school chum I reconnected with a few years ago when she adopted a dog from my rescue (so I get to see little Diogi as well as Sherry).

It will be great fun, but it doesn’t leave much time for blogging, so please consider this a holding pattern and enter caption contest VI. I’m reposting the picture to be captioned here, but scroll down to August 29 and you’ll find the entries already made. Please leave yours as well. St. Martin’s Press is sponsoring the caption contests, so first prize is a free copy of my book; Jack sometimes hands out the “Jack Beck Discretionary Award” if he disagrees with the judges (who are past winners). There are seven contests in all, most involving adorable kittens in the bookshop, so feel free to scroll through previous weeks to see the others.

And look for some fun posts from the Road Trip to SIBA as well as the event itself. Be blogging you! (BTW if you’re interested in the shop-sitter position scroll down through the past three posts to see specifications for the job. And don’t forget that Big Stone Celtic is Sept. 22!)

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