Poor, Poor Andrew….

After a lot of unexpected interest, an NPR interview, two articles in the LA Times, a mild amount of controversy, and several thousand reprints and reblogs, our shopsitter position is filled.

Andrew Whalen, a nice lad from Gahanna, Ohio (no jokes, thank you) is a member of the film industry workforce in NYC. From a pool of more than 100, whittled down to 3 finalists, we picked him. Poor kid.

Because when we posted this on Facebook:

After much discussion and a prayer, we have asked Andrew Whalen, an Ohio native working in NYC’s film industry, to shopsit while we’re out trying to make every English-reading person in America like Wendy’s book. Big Stone Gappers please make him welcome! (And please do not take him to High Knob for a snipe hunt. Thank you.)
This is what happened:


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9 responses to “Poor, Poor Andrew….

  1. Elissa

    My words were taken out of context.

  2. James Ryan

    Duz at mean we kin watch Deliverance fer movie night?

  3. James Ryan

    On a more serious note. Congrats Wendy You’re in Redbook Magazine. October issue page 23

  4. James Ryan

    Aye. Mayhap

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