Caption Contest VII (The LAST ONE)

Okay, all you kitten lovers and bibliophiles out there: have at it! This is the last caption contest of the seven St. Martin’s Press has sponsored. Cassie, back in the bowels of the Flatiron Building in NYC, waits to give the winner a print or e-copy of The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap. Here’s the photo, and captions are due by midnight on Monday, Sept. 24.

If you are unfamiliar with either figure in this photo, on the right is my husband Jack. On the left is staff kitten Owen Meany. (There’s a blog about how Owen got her name if you scroll back to late June. Yes, her name.)

Put your captions under comments, keep it family-friendly of course, and have fun! Also, congratulations to Callie the Flower, who won Caption Contest VI with her entry comparing Shakespeare to tuna. (The contest is Aug. 29 if you’d like to see what she wrote and what inspired the writing.) In second place was Kaylee with “To sleep, perchance to dream; aye, there’s the belly rub.” Which might give you an idea about the photo she was captioning. BTW the cat in the Shakespeare photo is named Garfunkel and he was adopted by a family in the same week that the contest ran. If you read this blog regionally, we have the world’s friendliest female cat here, Agnes Grey, looking for her forever home. Agnes is a total snuggle bunny who likes to ride on your shoulder like a baby. Come see her if you’re in town!)



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12 responses to “Caption Contest VII (The LAST ONE)

  1. Stacy B.

    What a wee baby! I hope it doesn’t wee-wee on my shoulder.

  2. “Is that guy still looking at me? No, seriously… Is he?!”

  3. Shirley

    Who meeeee… ow, I never even saw a parrot perched here!

  4. Frances

    Aaawww! Look at that hairy ball of fluff. And the cat is cute too!!

  5. Lisa Newton

    And Owen said, “Aye, I am just as surprised as you are…he CAN read!”

  6. Training starts early for Seeing Eye Cats…

  7. Lara Maynard

    Jack thought, “I have got the cutest chip on my shoulder!”

  8. Laura Taylor

    “Yes, Definitely. I am the boss of him.”

  9. Mike Morris

    a lot more fur covering your face and you might, just, begin to look as cute as me

  10. cat: …once upon a time there was this storyteller, and his name was Jack.
    jack: aye lad, tis a fine beginning for a tale….

  11. Liz Weir

    Wendy! Hadley shrank!

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