OK, Last Time~

Today is the Big Stone Celtic Festival, when men in kilts take over the town and the sound of bagpipes echoes across the valley–and echoes, and echoes, and echoes…..
So all the prospective bloggers are busy today, and those of us left alive tomorrow will be in touch about how it all went. Meanwhile, please enter the last Caption Contest sponsored by St. Martin’s Press. This is the photo, and you can leave your entry in the Comments Section here, or back at Sept. 10, the first time the picture was put up. And we’ll catch up with you after the festival–once we’ve cleaned up after the sheep and horses….




Filed under Big Stone Gap, book reviews, humor, small town USA

6 responses to “OK, Last Time~

  1. “Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy”

  2. “But. . . do you REALLY have to eat haggis to be a bookstore cat?”

  3. “So many wonderful books– and only nine lives!”

  4. Jeanne

    “‘Tis me da, don’t ye see the resemblance?”

  5. I told you the view was better from up here!

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