Caption Contest (or, What in the….)

Back before my book was published we ran several caption contests, usually involving adorable foster kittens from the bookstore. It was fun, and it got people interested in the book and our shop, so the work was win-win.

But now I feel that one more caption contest must be held, because… well, just look at this.

Yeah. So that’s why a contest must be held. This might be my favorite bookstore photo ever. Should you want to use them, names are (from the left) Jack, Elizabeth, Heather, Elissa and (seated) Rachael. I think that’s enough for you to work with. The contest will close Nov. 30, and the winner gets a signed copy of The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap–now also available in large print, so please specify.

Put your caption in the comments section below, and PLEASE be sure we have a way to contact you. We still can’t find “Sal” who won one of the earlier contests. Have fun!


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15 responses to “Caption Contest (or, What in the….)

  1. Paxton

    Ah, yes, and when Wendy and I entered that wee quaint bookstore for the 1,137th book signing of that week…..

  2. …and then I finished the little guy off with a karate chop to the side of his neck just like this. It was awesome.

  3. timehearthavanas

    So Jack was nominated to be the voice of reason for the disgruntled staff. Owen Meany was not impressed.

    Susan Hamrick

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  4. timehearthavanas

    Jack had been elected by the rest of the disgruntled staff to speak to Owen Meaney.
    Owen was not impressed.

  5. “Well it was in a weak moment I agreed to Wendy’s plan to have a used book store IN our home,” said Jack bewilderedly.

  6. After Jack succeeded in tossing the the glass from one hand to the other, the crowds response was mixed. Elissa was extremely impressed, while Heather was tired of Jack’s tomfoolery. Elizabeth was not at all suprised as she had a psychic premotion prior to the event, and Rachael was just waiting for him to drink the poison laced soda so she could be done with it all.

  7. Jack is blissfully unaware that simultaneous ballad-singing and wineglass-juggling has never ever impressed the ladies of Big Stone Gap.

  8. James Ryan

    Yes sir, I know that they look a bit rough, but we’ve never had anything like this in the bookstore before and it was such short notice. Our Chief of Staff (Owen Meany) assures me that they do clean up rather well and that you will find them to be quite experienced. Elizabeth is a professional behind the ear scratcher and Heather gives adorable chin tucks. Elissa gives the best tummy rubs in the county (other than his mum) and Rachel has the best lap for napping one could expect to find. You may tell the N. A. C. C. P. (The National Association for the Cuddling of Cat People) that we will be ready at the appointed time.

  9. You see it all began like this…….and…….and……….and then………..but really, what else could I do? (jack thinking: PLEASE let them buy this)

  10. ” I am just trying to explain” Sorry Jack it won’t work with these girls.

  11. Carol Rehme

    “I asslur you, I have everything under control.”

  12. So Is there a winning caption?

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