Caption Contest reminder

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Is there anyone in America who isn’t making a list, checking it twice, and waaaaay too busy to read a long blog today? (Hi, readers outside the States not yet caught up in the holiday madness!) So, here is a reminder that the November Caption Contest closes Nov. 30. Leave a caption in Comments, and if you want to see what other people have left already, scroll back to its first posting on Nov. 14th. Winner receives a copy of Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap (which, by the way, is being published in Poland and Portugal!). I’m asking Heather Volk, Andrew Whalen, and Jack Beck to judge the entries. And remember, kids read this page sometimes…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and as the season of holiday madness descends on us, whatever you celebrate, hope it is filled with joy, family and friends. And a little bit of random chaos, like this photo.



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4 responses to “Caption Contest reminder

  1. Bobbie Lee Wilson, Frankfort, Ky

    For Contest: What They’re Really Thinking But Are Too Polite To Say Out Loud!
    Jack: How did I get talked into doing ,”There I was six feet down without a parachute” AGAIN!
    Elizabeth: There is not enough wine in all the Gap to get me through this evening!
    Heather: Perhaps a quick karate chop to the neck would end it all!
    Elissa: Yeah,yeah,yeah! We’ve only heard this a kah-jillion times!
    Rachel: Maybe we could just stuff him and prop him up outside the store for a promotional gimmick!

    Much too long, I’m sure but fun composing it anyway! 🙂 Bobbie Wilson

  2. Bobbie Lee Wilson, Frankfort, Ky

    What does “your comment awaiting moderation” mean?

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