Oh crap…..

I’ve known for weeks that I’d be a guest on VIRGINIA THIS MORNING, WTVR’s 9-10 a.m. magazine show. Kelly Justice, owner at Fountain Books, set a book club guest visit and shop signing with me about two months ago.

Six weeks out, I made sure I facebooked the gig once and got it on my blog’s “appearances” page. The week before, my agent and I began tweeting. Two days before, I checked the address in my GPS for time from hotel to studio, and wrote the relevant phone numbers in my notebook. Saturday afternoon I got dress and make-up advice from fashionista friends, packed my carefully-folded needs into the overnight bag, and set it by the door.

Sunday morning I headed up the parking lot that post-holiday I-81 had become, and even had an alternate route prepared when the traffic became show-stopping, striking out cross-country on a back road to arrive in time for a prearranged dinner with Jodi, a friend who relocated there last year. Then I went to the hotel I reserved last week, settled into my room, and ironed my clothes for the next day.

So how in the name of all great organizers everywhere did I forget to pack clean underwear??!!

Editor’s note: a bathroom sink, some shower gel, and a hair dryer later…. hi ho the glamorous life.




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9 responses to “Oh crap…..

  1. Susan Hamrick

    That was part of the alternate route, right?

  2. Haha! This story sounds so familiar… you and Elissa need to form a lost undies support group.

  3. Ah well…..as long a you didn’t have an accident. I remember my mother’s horror at the thought of not having clean underwear if one were to be involved in an accident.

  4. Maria Richardson

    Well done interview, Wendy. (No one could tell the questionable state of your undergarments). Your Tennessee friends are so proud of you!

  5. Paula Welch

    Perhaps it was a sudden burst of hedonism ?

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