The Chair Rests

We’re back on schedule! Jack blogs on Wednesdays.

Today I sing (well, type) of chairs and the strange mechanisms of Jack and Wendy’s mind.

No, don’t worry; this blog remains family-friendly….

We’ve been here six years now and until recently kept a set of wooden chairs in a bathroom cupboard, where they took up valuable storage space and were bloody awkward to get when we have events (and that’s often).

The other day, in a fit of “I must have this space” more than “Eureka!” I just distributed them around the odd corners of the bookstore as a temporary measure. Right after this, the “brass monkeys” weather (if you don’t know that saying, google it; this blog remains family-friendly) brought folk in whom we’d never seen before, passersby just looking to get warm. They bought a cup of coffee and obviously felt they should act appropriately in the store, so they sat down in the chairs and read books.

Eureka. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

Many of our older customers have trouble bending to the lower shelves, and the chairs offer support. Plus, being a mishmash of thrift store finds, they just make the place look cozy and welcoming.

Having lived as husband and wife in four houses before we arrived here, I can now state with authority that neither Wendy nor I have any nesting instincts. It took until we were almost ready to move from each place before we finally got things organized to our liking—or even in a way that made any sense! We moved offices to every room, main bedrooms to every room, guest bedrooms to every room; Wendy once tried to move a kitchen into a bedroom.

In other words we’re just not good at forward planning – or any kind of planning. But we do serve a great cuppa, so come on down and browse. We have chairs out.

Young Owen tests a comfy chair

Young Owen tests a comfy chair



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6 responses to “The Chair Rests

  1. I tried to reply, but it got lost in the red tape of logins, passwords, etc. So here goes again, if I can remember what I said: If I lived nearby I would love to stop in and sit a spell, have a cuppa tea, and enjoy your bookstore and company! The comfy chairs are very welcoming…and people will relax and enjoy being there…and they WILL buy books too! Sorry I am in Florida…but I DID just buy your book! It’s great!

  2. Kathy

    Great idea for the chairs in the shop ….Google brass monkeys as I don’t know the meaning

  3. My favorite place to be when I was in college (the first time around, way back when . . .) was called Sweet Eugine’s. It was a cafe with a small area for the occasional live music performer, and three connected rooms filled with used books, old sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. I seriously thought it was a used book store when I first walked in there, but it turned out that the books weren’t for sale. So many people would come to drink coffee, sit around, and read for hours. It was great. A place to sit with a book gives a place a very welcoming, relaxed feel.

  4. I love when that happens. A perfect arrangement by accident. Chairs scattered about a bookstore makes great sense. I would definitely come by if I lived near enough!

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