Jack’s Music

Just added – this is ‘Clappit Thegither’ performing How can I keep from Singing (an old Quaker hymn) for our bookstore video. This the longer version.

This is Jack in June 2010 during his annual guided tour of Scotland and Ireland, singing at Liz Weir’s Ballyeaman Story barn in delightful company.

Jack was one of the founder members of acclaimed traditional Scottish folk-band Heritage. Here they are on TV in Switzerland during one of many European tours.

Heritage existed for 15 years and traveled extensively throughout Italy, Southern France, Brittany, Switzerland and Germany as well as all round Scotland. Here they are again early in their existence on TV in Scotland with a slightly different line-up.

Heritage made a couple of LPs back around about 1980. Here’s a song from the second one –

And a set of tunes from the same album –

From the first album –

Also from the first album –

From the second album –

4 responses to “Jack’s Music

  1. theresa

    So disappointed that all the videos are unavailable

  2. Victoria Nichols

    Jack & Wendy: Vicki here, had the pleasure of meeting you both at Afterwords Bookstore in Edwardsville, Illinois on Tuesday. Stopped by to check out your blog, have enjoyed your site, beautiful home/bookstore! Wow, Jack! — love your music, it speaks to the Scottish in my soul! Especially love the “jig.” It reminds me of my grandfather who played in a band in Kentucky (fiddle, banjo & piano). He played folk music and “ragtime.” Wendy, I’ve been enjoying reading your book — eloquently expressed! So happy to have met you both! Soldier on!

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